History we can

be proud of

FYLTRIS currently is the leading specialist for ozone systems and filter systems with over a decade of experience in design, installation and maintenance.

From the very beginning the company FYLTRIS is closely involved in the development and exploitation of ozone and filters facilities worldwide.
Currently,FYLTRISrepresents a partner of trust for many leading domestic, as well as global industrial water treatment facilities.

In addition to drinking water systems, FYLTRIS provides consulting services and ozone treatment in other field of industry, such as:

- Waste water
- Bottled water
- Pulp and paper
- Pharmaceutical industry
- Fish farming

Our approach to problems

We want to impress every potential client with our knowledge and dedicated work. We strive for perfection in every area of our business by engaging leading experts on all levels. We intent to improve our company by recognizing good ideas and skilled people who are able to make those ideas work.