Filter press and filter screens


Filter press and

filter screens


The company FYLTRIS is representative of a world famous company "Choquenet", France.

The filter press for filtration of sludge has an important place in numerous industries whenever slurries can be concentrated. It can be used either in the process or at the end of treatment. The filter-press enables an optimal separation of liquid and solid and the last technical developments which has made it 100 % automatic made it also 100 % topical.

The filter-press is a machine used to filter under pressure the liquids loaded with solid matter in suspension.

The filter-press is composed of 3 main parts: the frame, the filter part and the hydraulic power unit.

The filter part consists a number of vertical plates that are covered with filter screens. When vertical plates mutually join, by a hydraulic cylinder, there is a formation of a "cake" that is subject to pressure i.e. drainage.

Choquenet filter presses are modern machines which are characterized by strength, reliability and ensure a long existence. Fully automated, with excellent performance and yield results that are not threatened by other ways such as filtration for example dryness of the maximum to minimum volume "cake", the energy consumption is below average and the costs of maintenance are almost negligible because the only consumable are filter screens. Filter screens are also taking advantage of technological advances so now can provide several thousand cycles filtering.


The company FYLTRIS is also representative of a world known companies „SEFAR“, Switzerland.

SEFAR filter cloth are adapted to different needs of the customers, like plate dimension, "cake" weight, particle retention or productivity.

As a result, "Sefar" has developed a wide range of standard and specific designs, making up options for fixations, barrel and rubber neck or sealing.